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TBF2 is a PHP- and MySQL-based software which supplies a discussion board for everyone's website. It exists as of 2001 and has been developing since then. The forum comes at no extra charge and is open source. Two languages are supported, also allows free layout arrangement as far as possible and provides anything you expect from modern forum software; themed by its motto 'merge own ideas with best of other forums'.

The recent stable branch 2.2.x is shipped as of November 2015 and replace the older releases. This fixes bugs of course and brings some new stuff which were planned quite some time ago. On this webpage you can inform yourself about the project, its history, its requirements to the webserver and a little comparing list of its features. By using so called templates the layout of your forum can be modified. To do so, a new one can be created, but also one of the ready-made be used.

What would a software project be without support? Of course, you get that. Details are on the corresponding section. Don't let me keep you from looking around :)

This is new

Talkboard Forum 2.2.0 (stable) released
November 2015

# New Horizons The earth keeps spinning. Software is constantly evolving. And now we do it again. Some things changed during the last years which required the TBF to adapt to. Especially compatibility to more recent PHP versions was on schedule and replacing old cryptogryphic interfaces in the "years after Snowden". To honor the visit of New Horizons in this year and its fascinating pictures of our currently most outer (dwarf-)planet, the codename for this release is Pluto. It mainly consists of: * You now require at least PHP version 5.0 or higher. Who is seriously still using the officially deprecated PHP4 and can upgrade should do so. Legacy PHP4 code has been completely removed from TBF. * Switched the database interface to "MySQLi". The honorable "MySQL" has been deprecated since PHP 5.5 and shall be removed one day. Because of its age TBF uses no modern database features directly through this interface, or emulates them to support older MySQL versions, removal was easy. This raised the minimum MySQL-Version to 4.1 or higher. * Support for version 6 of the Internet Protocol. This "new" version becomes more and more important in the future, depending on the adaption rate of lazy internet service providers ;), and has a different address format. The filtering subsystem for banning addresses has therefore been adjusted. * Changed the encryption schemes to modern cryptogryphic functions. The pristine concept roots in the year 2005 and is outdated. Unfortunately existing password cannot be migrated. **ALL user and forum passwords become invalid** and have to be reset! The first named do this by using the "Forgot Password?" option in the login area oder the administrators run the "setup_repair.php" located in the "contrib" folder. Forum passwords are changed in the administation panel by a specific form. As long as they have not got a new one, they are **unprotected like a common open subforum**! (Experts only: Salted Whirlpool/SHA512 with 5000 rounds. PBKDF2/bcrypt sadly comes first with, at this moment too young, PHP 5.5. Browser will hash the password input fields with SHA256 and 200000 rounds before transferring them.) * Native audio and video support in the AFS. Browser support native audio and video for a few years now instead of using plugins anymore. An update to the MIME-Database and corresponding preview modules are now built into TBF. An update is recommended and all necessary steps are explained in "/docs/readme_en.txt". Experienced users can use an unified diff file to preserve their own source code modifications. All files are digitally signed. Details are on the download page on the project website. An Online-Demo is also available and support is provided by a small tracker system. Become interested? Then get a fresh copy from sourceforge servers and give TBF a try.

Page forward...

Careful glance

The Talkboard Forum 2.2 has the following requirements:

You can use the following options, if you want (needs more PHP modules):

Because it is very huge and everything cannot be listed, here is a quick review of all features I remind and have changed since 1.x. You will discover most while the forum is running and used.

It all began in January 2001. I was looking for a script language to improve my homepage with dynamic action. First I played a little bit with Perl, but by coincidence I finally found the open-source language PHP. All my programs were written in this. In March 2001 version 1.0 was finished and provided for download. But then it became quiet around this board, because I had concentrated on other scripts. In early-winter 2001 version 1.2 was reached by bugfixing. At the beginning of 2002, I decided to rewrite this board. This was just intended to be version 2, but I stayed in the 1.x branch to gain more experience. That decision should be turned out good later on. During the year 2002 it arrived at its final version 1.7.5, which was much more complex than the initial release. Many ideas were included and hours passed by. But unfortunately, I was not confident about this and started developing on the new version 2 in November 2002. In February 2005 it (finally) was completed and replaced the successful 1.x branch.

TBF on the go

For any version you can find different packages to download. I recommend the most recent one. New installations and upgrades are made with the 'Full Package'. They come in two flavours of compression - old ZIP and fresh LZMA ('7z'). Some versions have errors fixed after some time and are provided as "Update [Number]". These are simply copied over your existing installation. Advanced users can apply changes from one version to the successive by using a special tool¹ either on the server or their local machine. This can be done by a "Patch File".

All files have a so called hash. This is a long string of numbers and characters located at the corresponding version block. You can verify whether your download has been correct. If just a tittle is not equal, your hash will be different from the one in the listing. I use the standard algorithm 'sha256' to calculate them. To help you verify you can look for a hint in your search engine ('verify sha256 hash').

All files are digitally signed. If you grab my public PGP key you can verify the files for authenticity and integrity. This means they have not been changed since the signature was created. And the used key is in my possession. You can check the fingerprint to make yourself certain. To help you verify you can look for a hint in your search engine ('verify gpg signature'). You can find the signatures in a detacted '.sig' file.

Moreover it exists a file with all hashes which is also signed. Een the template files are included.

Public PGP key:
pub  dsa1024/0x99CA6B03A987DED7 2013-07-08 [expires: 2018-07-07]
     Fingerprint = B515 709E F3DC 5DBD CC40  3857 99CA 6B03 A987 DED7
uid  Archilles (archilles underscore sw commercial at users dot sourceforge dot net)

¹ patch. A lot of linux distributions have it preinstalled. Windows ports are available, too.

Filter the list by version family:
24.11.2015 Pluto (2.2.0)
fad4e023defa6146c10f9f854fc09f7e2f796a30d4cd26207ebcdc4d65a09ff7             sig
7c1faee0d416c23158300e63afab6926e43b47c4012e072f9fdf7d1f2537075f                       tbf_220.7z sig
1fb1b7118e331abceac3761fa42f750e26de6b29b9316334d772cd6ef3f36c91             tbf_217-220.patch.gz sig
21.10.2011 Procyon (2.1.7)
b99234e5fec2c647b55e810514a4b8c72bb087b51e9fecd0280081a4cd07e61c             sig
cce73919b4f2e3a11feaab3c8d4239a639842ee8d270de8fceaabddafb3a0859                       tbf_217.7z sig
c1fc9bb36f88c10af2e692a083a338a3c909721a791e6ff6d3d5e331f9109b98             tbf_216-217.patch.gz sig
02.01.2010 Vega (2.1.6)
2725816d1a8dcf210d6b0c1374a94d31210e181c97b2a5f3eaa0f906cc63b4c6             sig
4930625d2d4d9aa719c40f96c6484dcfd1add79e52440b0f4f1bcd3f9a0dafa7                       tbf_216.7z sig
1f051acaa1982f9282916a8f6f9a02e11534567fc8cad33e2cca83ed9e09b02c         sig
f217ceb063b0f0bade6cdf0ec0456985ce75e75717c9c415c7a6e728b3839c4f             tbf_215-216.patch.gz sig
15.01.2009 Beteigeuze (2.1.5)
aee3f92c36a6d2631c17bca1ad2e2a08a960940f5da217eb4a3f5da034a3370b             sig
f5ee62070368aa1cc8e60b9dff607f4376ddf3af94f698c8ae4688e8cc586c91                       tbf_215.7z sig
dd3b40fdebef000c0ef51a09dba4dcfbfe25116fe8c0d7fd7bd36a56c930f279             tbf_214-215.patch.gz sig
20.08.2008 Rigel (2.1.4)
233020f25ef779786a92044af78859a39ff5b602d450ddfc758293fe198ee823             sig
6ae8fbd1034c956fd27716eb417ecb06ddaf0ff3591f86728e5f6d2d8b9590e1                       tbf_214.7z sig
6017b860331358c4032b2b50d2a9d6c3f0e43c888cbc914fc0c086ea3bdcdb83             tbf_213-214.patch.gz sig
01.04.2008 Deneb (2.1.3)
29f8f795958b0b393f35225b2a1ce461d46176919c3b3ea33d74b0d4d2ca0a48             sig
1198a2169b3b8e37a3718fffbb56e9750d243ec2afd8bd705a3e0717526d9a0f                       tbf_213.7z sig
ba86609ab615e5ea7dbd2036da73b7eb263df51c9bf297dc3d69abb5e2b4b561             tbf_212-213.patch.gz sig
07.11.2007 Sirius (2.1.2)
598e023df6d9bcf4d8e7fca829763d6ef0ab9a31a7d94f1f680ba96f99a2ac50             sig
006c6b389e5ded11cc62acfc3dcbaac70ce17175d45fd06e42fc9c94e2fd22a5                       tbf_212.7z sig
5e26642731eee504e8781f6345f93863a04b1bab6215cbf4eb525a1160314b58             tbf_211-212.patch.gz sig
07.07.2007 Orion (2.1.1)
b57b9907a1b3cd72d5273ac79df22b441611c1d2c8039aad801f43976fea3682             sig
0d91d9c215313fd83efa4f434358e46ecede923e94281518d7f53fccf5fb0c0b                       tbf_211.7z sig
ef8381d2894dfdbe0e8a4835548c53762f558cff0e48ce48b28cba596b00026d         sig
8a8841d11e70a6c938775a232def3848c86e631cff80e2379de02486e61055d3             tbf_210-211.patch.gz sig
04.04.2007 Polaris (2.1.0)
8327505ff799627fa5e0a759f4e02ad2e88a9b8ca61c3e645306e000845c24ab             sig
aa3bb23f247e935e608a0bfcd24131cce35b3dc26574846ffc7fc6e68f82f965                       tbf_210.7z sig
cc75948510352fee574efa2b7effa4fc40c3922613d8466dae469ef629553a5c         sig
e090f4d30c8c54dfcb5cca2f11b7830f7de8ffb03c2027437472e98f04c4244c             tbf_206-210.patch.gz sig
22.05.2006 Hyperion (2.0.6)
b006739e7c8c923004e6bd0d92a3a1f3a6830713329745e0aa9b2a0638078450             sig
beeac2001538ff59af1949b684bdc2037ed6eb37f0372bc18a9ec7fee92e3ff0                       tbf_206.7z sig
533ad05ac41102e04bc41c6de5e9c93c8573098ea1afb85b302abc981749f280             tbf_205-206.patch.gz sig
06.02.2006 Pegasus (2.0.5)
40ba93a54e06c0ffb78d965d92d0f42a5a10cebddfc33b523694ecf96eb11a87             sig
de006012de57c066742631da4d4d9d5513a4b8b5d4baf8243d34c7a960a610c2                       tbf_205.7z sig
0d6edbbccb89e6d1bf83bcc9357e7cb6c37aaa139f47efa2acf8471d9e3a2677             tbf_204-205.patch.gz sig
16.09.2005 Minotaurus (2.0.4)
941f2eaed8d8a5d7d9374ece1f15209fbf995beb91012b4c3748e8082f615a68             sig
8ccda54768fe45b587e65e5eb282b80c0fbb8b1dbb6dfb8b478dfe9b68a7f3c4                       tbf_204.7z sig
e6d2b2bbd38a8dce837d551c601a2104af13f5edbd9faf9568f679ea299e8228         sig
c07d3b744dce06244579a892071a23c4853fd6b56f03beeffb1c05b229464693             tbf_203-204.patch.gz sig
14.07.2005 Juggernaut (2.0.3)
f469eca28a34dc0811af12fe6d3c223c79f788b66bee1ec8dcf8d528da542bae             sig
0aa38ee83dc639d75d16dd223de9de94ca377444599382076b050fa30bcb32fb                       tbf_203.7z sig
e836ce5b4c75d38d9b34411a7ada60cfdc0364de85dc930a28457e5901d491c6             tbf_202-203.patch.gz sig
24.05.2005 Leviathan (2.0.2)
8677f450343644e7dda919042ca7c3a8cc70b522e329fc72a004a7f3e2fab249             sig
c8d37fa91853ca116d48cfa2b35fa866d2a6ff8da1d2537a8ef8ebf6855f4bf1                       tbf_202.7z sig
59675f47ab114d9a55dac117722921c5016eec314ad1b6712f99efed886ea3f4             tbf_201-202.patch.gz sig
10.04.2005 Centurion (2.0.1)
060d8595709139007e79e7ba69c99e8a45f0c9b1728491eaca25e56f90eca352             sig
11e6d6e6b314fe1b132d01bc58f79399d7c3824a245983891dc8844c8bfe75e3                       tbf_201.7z sig
22.02.2005 Phoenix (2.0.0)
6754aae0560dc3e161c565f550f937d1b1cb0a71c165885cd87001f479a54a30             sig
aeef7f3c5923b919719aefe2a8ddcd24d2f4566c518c9283a0823cb1d3c2083b                       tbf_200.7z sig


Please try the german version. It should be pretty strightforward even if do not understand this language.


IMPORTANT: Please take note of the support scope of your TBF version.

If you speak german you can have a look at the archive of the old support forum. Or you use automatic translation. The most interesting one should be the "Häufig gestellte Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)" section. There is no direct search option but you can restrict your focus in common search engines by appending "" or "".

You can also dig into current error reports where you can submit your own questions. I will try to help you.

Until the error database is working again, you can get in touch by e-mail. The address is archilles underscore sw commercial at users dot sourceforge dot net.

My support to this program comes without charge and is voluntary! You have no claim of prompt reply. But you can be sure I read all requests and try to answer in my free time. If you like to donate something just make me an offer :)