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[27.11.2005] Archilles
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[27.01.2011] Gast
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[02.02.2011] Archilles
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 · "New posting" mark makes seldom errors
Entry–ID #000138
  • Status: Feedback
  • Group: Core – Misc.
  • Priority: Low
  • Reproducibility: Not tested
  • Severity: Cosmetic/Trivial
  • Bug is still not fixed
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[Sun, 27.11.2005 @ 10:19h UTC    #000138]  —  👤 Archilles    

Wenn ein Forum mindestens zwei neue Beiträge hat, kann folgendes passieren: Auf der Indexseite steht "neue Beiträge" und man klickt auf den letzten Beitrag rechts daneben. Hat man diesen gelesen und springt zum Index zurück, wird "kein neuer Beitrag" angezeigt. Alle weiteren neuen Beiträge, die "älter" als der letzte Beitrag sind, werden hier schlicht nicht erkannt. Springt man dann in die Forumübersicht, sind sie als neu markiert und auf der Indexseite steht dann "neue Beiträge".

[Mon, 28.11.2005 @ 20:56h UTC    #000246]  —  👤 Archilles    

Hmm, weiß pauschal keine Lösung. Hat jemand eine Idee?

[Thu, 27.01.2011 @ 02:38h UTC    #000286]  —  👤 Gast    

Yes, I have an idea of what he means. If, say, there are three new posts in three different topics in a single forum or category, and a user reads only one of the topics, all the topics in the forum or category are marked as read.

For example, if there was a category called "General Discussion," and there were two topics, "Silly Videos" and "Funny Pictures," and both had new posts, and a user clicked on "Silly Videos," then all the topics in "General Discussion" including "Funny Pictures" would be marked as read.


[Wed, 02.02.2011 @ 21:32h UTC    #000288]  —  👤 Archilles    

🇬🇧 English
Oh, this was some years ago. I hope I remember it correctly. Well, the problem is that the software has a "last posting timestamp" for each forum and topic. If you read a topic from the index page by the link "last posting" on the right side, the forum timestamp is updated beside the topic timestamp. Any "older" non-read posting in that forum are not shown as unread on the index page, although they are. Because it uses the forum timestamp for detection and this is the "youngest" of all posts.

On the other hand the forum overview shows them correctly as non-read because the topic timestamp is used for comparison. Now it gets strange: The software sees these unread postings and sets a counter i.e. "3 unread". So the "non-read posts" display reappears on the index page.

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